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Pacific Northwest's Premier 
Aircraft Broker

Looking to Buy or Sell? 

We specialize in turning Pilots into Aircraft Owners and for Sale into Sold!

Proudly Offering Aircraft Sales In Washington, Idaho, the PNW & More!

Dear Pilot, aircraft owner or future aircraft owner,

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We get it, buying or selling an airplane can

feel intimidating, but also extremely exciting. 


You probably have a million questions:

  • What plane is right for me? 

  • What can I afford? 

  • How do I know what I am buying?

  • Can I get financing? 

  • What about insurance? 

How do I know that the plane will be safe for me and my family? 


Maybe you are looking to sell and probably have a lot of fears. 

  • How do I know I'm getting the right price for my airplane? 

  • How can I avoid tire kickers and not waste my time?

  • How do I write a purchase and sales agreement?

  • How do I protect myself and my assets during a big transaction like this? 


You have already put in hours of hard work becoming a pilot and it's a huge personal achievement. That likely cost you some sleepless nights and some stressful days. Becoming a pilot is hard, becoming an aircraft owner doesn't have to be.



Buying a Plane?


We understand how important it is to have yourself equipped with the correct aircraft. You have to ask yourself; "what is your mission?" Defining your mission will help you choose the best option of aircraft. We are here to help you find that aircraft for that mission of yours. Let Seitz Aviation help you!

Selling Your Plane?


Are you looking to sell your plane? We offer brokerage services to sell your Airplane for top market value! Check out the benefits if you list your airplane with us!




Evan Seitz
President & Managing Broker

Evan was born and raised in Kenmore, Washington. Since he was a child, he would watch Kenmore Air takeoff and land on Lake Washington. That was enough for him to get the bug to fly. Evan started flying in high school at the age of 15, soloed at 16 and became a certificated Private Pilot at the age of 17. He worked line crew at Kenmore Air, while achieving his Instrument Rating, and Commercial Certificate. In-between, he helped friends buy and sell airplanes. Evan holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor Certificate, Instrument rating,  Single Engine Land Airplane, and Single Engine Sea rating. He also earned his Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from Liberty University. Evan is owner and president of Seitz Aviation, LLC. Specializing in aircraft brokerage and sales. When Evan is not working, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife, hiking, snowmobiling, boating and flying. Evan is the proud owner of a 1957 H35 V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza.

Seitz Aviation is a Flights Above Sponsor ! 

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Why choose Seitz Aviation: 


At Seitz Aviation you will be working directly with Evan Seitz our lead broker 


  • Evan has his Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, Instrument, Single Engine Sea and Single Engine Land Ratings. 

  • Evan has personally flown over 45 different makes and models of airplanes, and has logged almost 2,000 hours making him the ultimate resource and guide when it comes to single engine piston airplanes.

  • Evan has over 3000 hours working under an IA / A&P in a shop as a mechanics apprentice making him stand out from other brokers when it comes to assessing log books, airplane quality and understanding aircraft maintenance. 

  • Seitz Aviation has personally vetted and worked with companies all over the country and can recommend insurance companies, financing companies, escrow companies, and mechanics. Why should you have to blindly hire someone when you have an advocate in your corner like Seitz Aviation? 

  • Licensed Aircraft Dealer/Broker

  • Evan is also an airplane owner himself and knows the ins and out of aircraft ownership and can help identify issues before they arise. 

  • Above all else we are committed to being honest, ethical and communicative in all that we do.

Call today to Schedule a free 45 minute no obligation consultation with Evan, a broker and pilot who has over ten years of experience in the aviation industry. 

Seitz Aviation is a Idaho Aviation Association Corporate Sponsor !

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Seitz Aviation is a BBB Accredited Business !


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